Hidden Secret

Did you now winamp have a hidden secret?

+ Hidden Secret One
Twin Effect

Are you seen two skin? its not photoshoped.

So, how to make two / more winamp skins at the same time?
the answer is: ctrl+alt+n.

+ Hidden Secret Two
How speed your Click?

These tricks that you can test how fast you Click.
1. Click the [Options] menu, then [Preferences].
2. Look on the left there is the [Plug-ins], Click the [Input].
3. Select the [Nullsoft Vorbis Decoder].
4. Click on [About].
5. If you Click on the fish, it will start to spin. Spinning speed is depends on Click frequency.

+ Hidden Secret Three
Easter Egg

Change the logo in about Winamp into Easter eggs.
1. Click the [Help] menu and select [About].
2. At Illama image, hold down the Ctrl key while Clicking on the image Illama two times.
There will be a small picture labeled ”DJ Egg” with a picture of a white egg in the middle.

* back with double Click.
* Now hold down [Shift] then double Click again on the picture area [illama]. it will show “supplied” and “kracked”.

+ Hiddens Secret four
Snake Game
Open Winamp in Bento skin mode
Press Ctrl+P
Navigate to Skins
Select Modern Skins
Select Current Skin tab (last tab)
Double Click on animation box
OK, enjoy the Game.

+ Hiddens Secret five
Fade Effect fun with beats.
Open Winamp in Modern skin or Bento skin mode.
Play any song
Select main window (where the playback buttons are located)
Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift and Type nullsoft
Trick starts to work
[Tip: This tricks works differently as skin or mode (classic, modern, bento) is selcted]

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  2. ahahhaha baru tw ternyata XD
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